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AmCraft Manufacturing is a manufacturing company that makes a variety of custom sewn industrial fabric and RF welded vinyl products. We fabricate all types of canvas bags, canvas tarpaulins, and other known or custom made products. Our full service, in-house sewing services offer sewing contractor services to include manufacturing with industrial strength fabric materials that need zippers, grommets, snaps, velcro, ropes, ties, hooks, fasteners and other hardware.

AmCraft Manufacturing provides radio frequency welding services on heavy vinyl materials. RF Welding is used to fuse vinyl together to make custom shapes, blend vinyl seams, and connect vinyl together. This process makes it easier to conform shapes when used as machine covers, outdoor equipment covers, tennis court backdrops, industrial curtain walls, tarpaulins, PCA hoses for the airline industry, and combining insulation foam.

AmCraft Manufacturing supplies commercial markets as well as the US Military as a contractor of sewn and a contractor of RF welded products.

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Commercial Sewing, Industrial Curtains, and Tennis Court Windscreens

AmCraft Manufacturing Inc. is a commercial sewing and contract radio frequency welding services provider. Order direct from AmCraft Manufacturing Inc. and save money!  We stream line the "design to end product" process. We combine your ideas with the best technology. Our standard products include protective covers, industrial curtains (insulated curtains also available), curtain track systems, tennis court backdrops and windscreens, and a complete line of pre conditioned air (PCA) flat hose and rigid hose for aviation ground support and event tents with sidewalls. 

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Protective Covers

Protective Covers We fabricate protective covers ranging from basic fit dust covers to custom covers with weather proof exteriors and or engineered cushioning on the interior. Our sales engineers can identify the best design and component combination for your protective covers. Design assistance is available to help you develop the ideal protective covers for your requirement.

Industrial Curtains

Industrial Curtains In addition to just fabricating vhref="industrial_curtains.php">industrial curtains, room divider curtains, and insulated curtains we go that extra mile and work with you to determine the best available mounting system for your project and how to install it properly relative to your physical situation. The vast majority of our industrial curtains are radio frequency welded to maximize particulate and temperature control and to ensure a long, useful life.

Commercial Sewing and Radio Frequency Welding

commercial sewing In both our commercial sewing and radio frequency welding departments we manufacture protective covers, insulated bags and heavy duty duffel bags. Our custom sewing and welding capabilities are diverse.

Benefits of commercial sewing

  • Economical
  • Irregular shapes are cost-effectively assembled together
  • A much wider range of materials can be sewn as opposed to welded
  • Can combine many different materials collectively into a single seam, up to 1/2" thick.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Welding

radio frequency welding
  • a fluid proof seal
  • a greater shear tear resistance
  • non wicking seams
  • a less visible seam

Tennis Court Backdrops, Divider Nets, and Tennis Court Windscreens

Tennis Court Backdrops divider nets Tennis court backdrops, divider nets and tennis court windscreens are other large segments of AmCraft's services. In addition to a substantial stock of standard items, we work with private clubs and park districts on a regular basis to manufacture custom cushions, protective covers and room divider curtains that enhance and increase utilization of their facilities.

Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose

PCA Flat Hose Pre Conditioned Air Hose Our pre conditioned air (PCA) flat hose design is a confluence of material research, customer input and long range field testing. Through the years we have focused on manufacturing long life, user-friendly PCA hose using an unsurpassed all welded construction. Our light weight, thoroughly insulated PCA flat hose is compatible with most other manufacturers' equipment.

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